Alif Yaa

Conversation Club

Practice Arabic with the support of experienced teachers

We are excited to announce Alif-Yaa’s online Conversation Club! Along with other Arabic language learners from around the world, students will meet to discuss current events, recent trends in technology, exciting shows streaming online, and other topics that are chosen by the group.

art, travel, sports, health, holidays, careers, pets, fashion, movies, music, education, dating, cooking, friendship, families, health

ask follow-up questions, assert opinions, agree and disagree

Program Information

Start Date Cost Schedule Suggested proficiency
Beginning of each month
 40€ per month (paid monthly)
2 sessions per week
1.5 hours each
low intermediate to advanced levels

Choose an option that works best for you:

11:00 am GMT Sunday

8:00 pm GMT Wednesdays

13:00 GMT

Saturday & Sunday


How to Begin